Security Updates

All Drupal 7 websites are compromised says advisory

Are you using Drupal Open Source Content Management platform in your website? Then this serious bug alarm bell sounded by the Drupal Authorities is for you. Time and again mischief mongers are paralyzing websites, with their nefarious activities and this has been a persistent curse for open source software installations. The solace is these software developers are quick in alerting the end-users about the hacking, and recommend suitable corrective action. See the present one below. News is some 12 million websites all over the world have been attacked by hijackers, through a bug that was discovered on 15th October in Drupal Core CMS versions 7.x. Automated attacks of SQL injection vulnerability by vested interests was found by a German security firm, on a complaint by an end-user to check vulnerabilities. The attack was targeted on all Drupal installation sites, which use Drupal versions 7.x and earlier prior to 7.32. The vulnerability is explained as – a remote unauthenticated attacker will be able to inject SQL queries, spread malicious software bugs and take complete control of the Drupal installation, which also includes code execution. The Advisory Notice from Drupal authorities says: “Automated attacks began compromising Drupal 7 websites that were not ...

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