How the Responsive Design should be done

Responsive web Design


Responsive design may not be fad which arose due to cool CSS methods; it’s the answer of a problem. Remember that as well as continuously ask yourself in case you’re actually addressing the problem. In case you’re making use of copy-paste option to insert the media query divisions, your solution could be flawed. Let’s talk about why the media queries survive as well as how we may leverage them for actually solving quandary of omnipresent web. Let’s discuss about why one should let content determining breakpoints of layout and not theoretical screen sizes.


Thoughts behind the Media Queries


“Responsive Design,” the term is an incredible way of addressing ever-growing problems for the web designers. Whereas everybody was ranting about how “mobile web” is going to surpass the conventional one, a revolution which taken place was far more severe: the web turned into omnipresent. This “crisis” is enormous for world on the whole. In last decade, World Wide Web is changed into something special. It’s not bound by walls which we had formerly established.


Problem of Responsive Design


Now the question is does the responsive design effectively address problems of ubiquity? The difficulty arises when one start to discuss important part of technique: which queries of media need to be used? Or putting on different way, which “breakpoints” need to be targeted for customized CSS? The present popular answer unavoidably begins with finest “mobile” devices available: iPhone and the iPad. From these prototypes we establish “generic” tablet and Smartphone sizes. After that we lift and address laptops as well as small desktops with large screens at last.


Content Concentrated Responsive Design


The abovementioned problems with the pre-established queries happened only it actually began generating responsive work. Theoretically, the customary suggestions are enormous however once you affect them to compound designs you’ll find out that the breakpoints always don’t cover that. Things get muddled while design is with the size which you didn’t report for as well as you must go in as well as patch holes after fact.


New Workflow


The content centric workflow of responsive design looks simpler than thought. Evidently, you require starting points of some type. In case you wish to begin mobile as well as explode. It’s really difficult to actually dig the design as well as do that right in case you are starting at mobile level however there are a lot of firm arguments to do it that way.


Layout Only


Remember that this discussion turns to only layout ratios. You entirely don’t avoid testing functionality with different devices and browsers. Responsive designs do nothing to explain fact that diverse browser engines understand CSS, HTML, as well as JavaScript in a different way.




In summary, media queries as well as responsive design offer us a really powerful tool to justify that the websites are viewed through all the manners of screens as well as viewport sizes. On the other hand, when we start attaching our designs with different devices, probably we’re back to where we had started. Your objective instead needs to be building a layout which is very flexible that it may handle nearly any size of viewport thrown to it.

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