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First, here is an intro about HTML and XHTML:


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the computer language introduced in 1991 as a core format. The object of this language is to write web pages and enable web browsers understand the text, images and other information displayed in a website. Over a period till 2004 several refinements took place and versions released. HTML 4.01 was the last, whereupon web development working groups suggested introducing many features to make HTML easier to use. Accordingly, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) version 1.0 was released.


This XHTML is nothing but the refined version of HTML and is still in use by web developers, for constructing websites from a simple static digital image into a fully-functional website, complete in all aspects. The technical jargon to explain the advance technologies like syntax, empty elements, non-empty elements, inline elements, attributes etc. apart, please understand simply that using XHTML is easier for web developers in the first place to create, program and incorporate all the necessary features in a website, and the website owners to handle, control and administer the websites delivered after finishing.


HTML5 vs. HTML: With the rapid pace of website building technology growth taking place, even the refined and advanced versions of HTML and XHTML were not enough to meet the growing and assorted demands of world net-population. For example, with the advent of Smart Phones enabling Internet Access on the go, a phenomenal revolution took place in the Internet Age.


Websites had to be created and made functional efficiently and effectively in all the computing devices like desktop, laptop, notebook, and Smart Phone. This aspect warranted easy accessibility of sites from old and modern web browsers, clear and instant appearance of display of websites even in the small-size screens, legibility of text, faster navigation and hassle-free finishing of the object of visit etc. in the developed websites. Thus HTML5 web development technique came into vogue from May 2011 inculcating all these feasibilities.


While HTML marking up is the elementary process to begin web designing, HTML5 is the latest and advanced technique to make the website accessible easily in modern web browsers like Android enabled in millions of Smart Phones across the world. In today’s competitive Internet Marketing, you can’t afford to forsake the audience by possessing an outdated website, which is not answering the new web browsers and computing devices.


Importantly to stave off the challenge from your competitors your website should be designed, developed and programmed by professional experts in the field, using sophisticated web building technologies like HTML5 markup language. Then only you can make your website yielding the desired results.


As of today, if you want a sophisticated modern website to be created, you can confidently entrust that project with, since their professionals have gained great expertise over the years of hands-on experience, in designing and developing successful websites from Photoshop or any digital static image. experts are masters in using HTML, XHTML and the latest HTML5 conversion techniques at affordable cost. Click and see for yourself!

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