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PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

Looking for neat, high-quality and speedy solution for PSD to HTML5 & CSS3 conversion? Get it done smoothly by hiring our HTML5 professionals (now also available on trial basis). We produce clean coding, cross browser compatibility with 100% hand-coded HTML & CSS.

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About our PSD to HTML Service

XHTML is latest version of HTML to help browsers to display website content. Browsers don`t understand anything apart from XHTML / HTML and CSS with JavaScript. Why XHTML? Its nothing but combination of XML along with HTML giving name XHTML.

Designers draw in Photoshop or CorelDraw or any other design software`s. They convert ideas and concepts in design and layout in these design software`s. Photoshop is considered as of the best tool for the image editing, web design and in order to create a web site through it. When we save files in Photoshop we get PSD extension. But browsers don`t understand design; they don`t understand anything other than HTML/XHTML. So here comes our company that link between designer`s designs to browsers XHTML. We at convert2xhtml.com convert designer`s designs to HTML/XHTML in short PSD to XHTML or PSD to HTML or Ai to XHTML/HTML.

PSD to HTML is considered as one of the important stages of the complete web project. In every expect PSD to XHTML is important, from converting design to valid XHTML so browsers can understand, from SEO point so search engine can read and boost ranks.

Days are gone when we used to go for PSD to HTML now it`s PSD to XHTML and PSD to HTML5 is coming soon. In PSD to HTML we used to use HTML tables and in PSD to XHTML we use DIV tags. Search engines can easily understand div`s and this also makes code look very smart and clean.

Table-less code XHTML has lots of advantages here we have tried to list few of them.

It makes code look good and clean.

It`s less Time Consuming to work with XHTML code and easy to understand. Now it`s easier to arrange the images into XHTML/CSS format this gives simplicity and greater efficiency saving lots of time of web coders.

XHTML helps to get your website multi browser support. It means now almost all browsers will see your site as it is seen in design format.

The applications or websites build from table-less XHTML format is usually very light due to less code used and appropriate placements of images.

Lately website developed with the XHTML/CSS format gain more SEO value and SEO rank and gets lots of love of search engines due to their clean and well-formatted code.

Code is separate in XHTML file and all style is in CSS file. The unnecessary code is removed by the use of CSS and XHTML in the table less code.

So now if you are convinced and would like to convert your design into XHTML/CSS or let`s say PSD to XHTML code you can order now at convert2xhtml.com. We also convert your existing HTML site with tables to XHTML - Table-less code and SEO optimized code. So get in touch with us right away we will help you adding more value to your design or exiting website.

Key Features

  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Pixel Perfect web pages
  • W3C validation
  • SEO Optimized pages
  • Well structured markup
  • Google approved optimization
  • 100% hand-coded html5 tags
  • Responsive Websites

Convert2xhtml.com is an Einfoway Company, with huge 15+ years of experience in Total Web Solutions and having clients around the globe. Name that you can trust.

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